2013 BMW 528xi

  • 2013 BMW 528xi

    BMW 528xi
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    • Scan on Board Computer Diagnostic System Using Scan Tools. Retrieve Fault Codes. Research Fault Codes and Test Components as Required. CD9010 Electric Coolant Pump Circulation is weak or Missing 13807 Radiator Shutter Top Upper Limit Reached 130304 Vanos Exhaust Control Fault 118401 Mixture Control Deviation Too Lean. Car is Due For Water Pump/Thermostat Service. Customer has Declined service at this Time. Car may Overheat.
    • Add BG Engine Cleaner (CPR) to Motor Oil and Run Car for 10 Minutes @ 2,000 RPM. Drain Engine Oil. Replace Oil Filter. Add BG Oil Conditioner (MOA) to Engine Oil. Change Oil with up to Quarts of Synthetic Motor Oil. Check and Top off All Fluid Levels (When Possible). Check and Adjust Tire Pressures Including Spare (If Possible). Perform Battery Test. Perform Visual Inspection and Report on Findings. Add BG Fuel ConditionK). (
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